Monday, November 12, 2007

Jubilee - Thursday

Again the music was amazing, the Whisnant's always touch my heart.

We had a special speaker... Joel Penton from Ohio. He is a big time foot ball player, big guy with a heart for God and young people. He told us a few stories and then told us something that really stuck in my mind. In 100 years the only thing that will really matter is if we are spending eternity in Heaven or hell. Not only that, but did we tell our family and friends about Christ and his saving power and grace. In 100 years...that will be all that matters. I thought about family and friends that I have maybe not said too much to. WHY??? I think now about it and I am quite sometimes I don't want to turn them away from me, I don't want to make anyone upset. But, I know that I would rather have them mad at me for a while and know that I told them about my Jesus.

He really was such an great speaker and I can't wait to get the DVD so the young people in my life can see it.

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