Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ahh the day after...

Having that after Christmas wind down...enjoying left overs and .... AHH QUIET! I can't wait to take all the decos down and get back to normal...well, as normal as my life is. I am glad it is all over really, but I can imagine how this day would be if we had a child in the next room trying to play with every toy, trying to eat every candy snack made...needless to say we wouldn't find today as relaxing as we do now. That being said, I would give up every second of snoozing I have done today, every bite of cold turkey, every minute of silence....I would give it up for crying for batteries, screaming for daddy or mommy to take him or her outside to play. I would give it all up for wrapping paper everywhere, toy boxes littering our floor, nap times missed and big hugs and thank you mommies all morning long.

My temps are still up, but I am trying not to get excited...just leaves me further to fall. So I am not taking one test until I am 3 days late....yeah right and I got a million bux in the bank too! predictable I can predict myself!

Happy day after!


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