Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas - 2007

Today was wonderful in so many ways. I am exhausted to say the least, I am not sure if I will even be able to do very much tomorrow. I took pain meds to get me through the day, but even those didn't do too much. But I wanted things to be pretty and comfy. Scott had to work most of the day so I was home to do what all had to be done to get ready. white horse rode in and saved the day...he has a way about him. Brad is probably the closest that Scott and I will ever get to a son, he NEVER hesitates to come help me or us. I just love him so much.

Anyways, dinner time came and things were great. Daddy was sick, he ate something Sunday that has made him sick...has a migraine as well. He was so upset he couldn't come. He called and said that he loved me and was so sorry he couldn't be here. Then he said...I got your sock. I will post more about that later.

Brad comes back early, just wanna squeeze him. Then here comes Illan and his mommy and daddy - Randall and Cara. He is so cute, he steals your heart every time you see him. His lil cheeks were red, and his smile was huge. They brought some of moms food for her and then Mom and her friend Korey came. I had made a big ham and some appetizers and such. Ohh some killer punch, mmmm. Mom made turnips (EWWW), turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, salad, tea, ... she nearly brought the whole meal. Lisa and Todd came in next with mmm her potato salad!

TW, his wife Tammie and Briana brought in the rear. Junior and Joanne had something at church, Leon and Betty went to the beach to see David. Leon M. got sick and Travis was out on a call. So pretty much everyone that said they were coming showed up! Perfect amount either way, Those that were meant to be here...were here. Not saying I wasn't missing some people, because I was.

Everyone had a great meal, laughter and talking. Illan was the life of the party though he is such a cutie. He tries to say Hopie...his little lips will make the "O" shape...sooo flipping cute! I wanted to just kiss his little cheeks off. Todd is the cutest with him, I remember Todd and how he was with his kids but he is soooo cute with Illan. Everyone was being silly by the end of the night. I made cappichinos for everyone and by 10ish everyone was pretty much gone. Thankfully Cara, Brad and Kita stayed long enough to help me clean up a bit.

I basically fell into bed, took some more meds and went to sleep. I actually fell asleep typing this last night. Scott said I tossed and turned all night, crying out in pain every time. I remember tossing a lot...hate I kept him up.

We woke up this morning to get ready to go to Scott's parents and I just couldn't. As much as I hated it, I just couldn't handle the ride or even the getting ready. So he went, I stayed in bed...sleeping until almost 4! But, it helped I was able to get up and I did go to Brads house for a little dinner which was super nice. Mom and Dad were there, Corey, Cara, Randall and Illan. Kitas brother Tyler and her mom Miss Betty and another older lady I wanna say Kitas grandmother - not sure though. It was very nice and I was glad to see daddy, I would have went to see him at home if he hadn't been there.

Home now with a muscle relaxer kicking in soon I hope!

Yesterday and today were difficult, but the hustle and bustle yesterday kept me distracted. But, sadly it still wasn't enough. Very few gift exchanges really, but knowing if a child was here...the gift giving would be insane! I remember all the wonderful Christmas dinners at moms or our grandmothers and there were always so many gifts for all. But I kept all the tears at bay for each function and while it is never far from my mind...I even enjoyed the children.

Christmas was great as a whole, Leslie called and I heard Colin in the background. I spoke with Little Tom tonight too, and I hope his Christmas is blessed. I am sending him and Angel gifts this week. I am having several things printed and I wanted to make sure her name was spelled Angel or Anjel. I am making him/her a great picture album and also knitted them both scarves.

Well, am heading back to bed, I will upload pics either tonight or tomorrow.

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