Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Scooter!

40 years ago today - your mom gave birth the the other half of my heart and soul. She held that tiny ( ok not so tiny- 10+ pounds!) baby in her arms not knowing she held my forever love.

He is 40 today, wow...time flies when you're havin' fun! But, he isn't all smiles and he isn't sporting that lets have a party attitude. Tearfully he tells me that he is 40, he hates his job, he always thought 40 was old, he thought life would be different...but most of all he thought he would be a father by now. Don't get me wrong, he is thankful as well, he really is.

I had wanted to plan a blow out party with his brother, but the closer it got the more distant Chris has gotten. That isn't the only reason, I started planning a smaller party and could tell he wanted nothing to do with it really. So, today we are spending it together...his choice of dinner and then a movie. We are keeping it low key. Tomorrow is a Christmas dinner with the Walkers and there is almost always a cake for his birthday at that dinner.

Next month, I will be last year before 40. I look around at 18 year olds with families already...if not for Scott I would be that 40 year old spinster lady living alone. UGH!

This is our 18th birthday together, wooo hooo our relationship is a senior now haha.

Happy Birthday my love, you deserve every happiness...I wish I could give you the one you want most. I wish, I pray...does He hear me?

On a side note....AF is here and I am not surprised in the least.

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