Monday, February 02, 2009

Happy Birthday to me ... still!

Wow, 40 ain't so bad!!! The birthday day was great. I woke up to hugs and kisses from the best present I ever got. The day before all my brothers called me and told me happy birthday along with some other family. It really meant so much to me for the calls and wishes, I would rather get cards and calls and wishes than any gift....those gifts from the heart mean so much!
I wake up and my day was pretty mellow. I knew Scott had me a gift, he put it all up in my face the night before and said he was putting it in the car so I just knew he took it with him. He called me all day and said for me to be at his mom's by 5:30 because he had dinner plans. I rode around in our car for a little bit, went to the mall to spend a gift card and such. I got in the back of the explorer to find my boots and then finally got to Lena's and got dressed and put my make up on.

He came in and was all smilin' and asked me if I wanted my gifts now or later....DUH, and then he tells me that my gifts were in the car...MY car!! I had been riding around with them...grr.

He got me a Nintendo DS with a few games, one is the cooking thingy....I LOVE it, has some great recipes and it shows you step by step what to do. I also got brain age and won't comment what my first attempt at finding my brain age was.

He also bought me a lap top, mine got crashed in our wreck and I do have a great desk top but I loved my lappy. Actually we got two lap tops - umm, we bought one at Sams, got it home and then found it at Office Max for 200 bux cheaper!!! Soo, we had to order it and I kept the Sam's one until it got here Friday. We have the Sam's one packed up ready to take back. We got such a good deal and got 3 years of in my home service free too. I love it, it has light scribe on it which will write directly onto the cd/dvd...super cool. It also has a remote so we can watch DVD's. My paint shop and photo shop runs soooo much faster too. Picaso is still my favorite free thing and it runs great on here too. I figured out how to transfer my feeds, which was stressing me out.

He also got me all the Bare Escentuals make up I wanted. I made a list of things thinking he would just get me a few things and he got them all!! I had used Lena's and loved it. The eyeliner is the best thing I have ever had in make up. It is powder but it sticks great. I don't break out with it either and that is the biggest thing, my stupid sensitive skin.

My in laws gave me moooolah and flowers. Scott also got me the greatest card. I will have to post it, because it mirrors some of what I had posted about my birthday. He hadn't read my it just makes me gooey inside thinking how we are on the same wave length.

I thought it was all over and I was so happy with it all. Then Saturday morning my sweet hubby said he had to go get a tool from my dad to work on his Audi. Then we were going out to eat. So I got ready and we headed out to my parents. Pulled up into the driveway and there was my in-laws van, a family friends car, my brothers cars...hummm. Something was a foot I do believe my dear Watson.

On the door was this lovely sign....

My mom thought she was so clever...and I guess she was :)

The sun was so bright out, and when I walked in it took my eyes a few minutes to adjust but there were my family and friends with big smiles wishing me a happy birthday. There was the table full of food...all my faves!
The kids were playing on the piano, everyone else were talking and laughing. That alone made this day my favorite yet. These wonderful people came to celebrate my birthday, they came because they loved me enough to take time out of their lives to be with me. How special!

Mom and Lena did it all, Scott just kept me at bay. I wondered why I couldn't spend the day at Lena's Friday...she was cooking all day.

I can't thank them enough for this memory. The prayer John prayed before we ate was so special, I wish I had recorded it. Daddy was so sweet and funny. Todd and Tommy hugged me like they meant it buddy, I got so tickled at both of them.

Everyone ate until they were sick, between my mom and Lena there are few that can out cook them. I will post the recipe for the Chocolate Supreme thingy Lena made...D-I-V-I-N-E!

The kids, all of them though...that was the best part of it all. Chirsten and Caleb helped me blow out the candles, and they played with Italy, Ida Hope and Illan. Illan kept saying that Chirsten was his...mine mine mine....haha.

I was so busy with the kids I didn't get pictures of everyone - somehow I missed my in -laws all together :(

But here are the pictures I did take -

This is mom and one of her best friends and a great family friend Debbie.

The kids helped me blow out the candles...then they helped themselves to licking the icing off of the numbers.

This was the cake after Chirsten and Caleb got the pieces they wanted with the most icing...silly babies!!

Chirsten and Ida Hope made quick friends! Scott and his best little buddy!
Illan wanted Chirsten for his very own!

That isn't a cigar in Caleb's was a birthday blower thingy. I love them!! Illan and I...he gives great kisses and even better hugs!
I don't think he can go a minute without smiling...and he has such pretty teeth!
Baby Italy...she didn't feel good and was a little fussy - except when she was in my arms of course :) She is crawling like she has done it forever. It was soooo cute watching her little round butt getting it across the floor!
Daddy and Italy, he loves that baby girl!
Brother and Sister, he loves her so much. They both have such great dispositions.
Mommy and Italy, Kita had to feed her before she could eat herself!
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  1. Happy 40th birthday Hope! I was going to type "hope it was a happy one" ..but judging by the photos, you had a fabulous one!!!


  2. what a wonderful day! so glad it was full of so much love and laughter - you're so blessed!
    and you're right - chocolate delight is incredible - my grandmother makes it for me every time i come home!
    hugs and happy birthday again!

  3. Hope, again, sorry I am soooo behind on reading blogs!
    Happy belated!
    I turned 40 in Sept. and really didn't like it!!! Now, I get teased about 50! PLEASE!! That is a way off!!!