Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I love him...

19 years ago today Scott and I said "I do". Details of that day are vivid as are the feelings and emotions. I remember the photographer telling us to stop kissing so much that every shot had us kissing in it! We couldn't let the other's hand go, it was magical.

Some know our love story.

I think I posted about it here, but I can't help but share it again...I promise briefly.

We met. We fell in love. We got married. We became best friends. The End.

Ok, ya'll aren't getting off that easy.

He was a blind date. I had no clue that a run of the mill family get together for a birthday would be the day I found him. Ok, I didn't find him - God sent him.

We knew. The love at first sight thing that we all have scoffed at - it happened to me. I was dating, knew he wasn't 'him'...but it was safe and easy. I knew when my eyes met his baby blues that this was something special, this was what God had done for me.

Scott told me he loved me that first night, ohhh about 8 or so hours after meeting. He told me he wanted to marry me, he asked. It wasn't that on the knee with a rock in his hands proposal but it was real, it was from God's lips to Scott's lips to my ears...to my heart. I just knew, Scott just knew.

I said yes with no hesitation. We kissed our first kiss, it was like no other. We wrapped up in each other. Neither of us had any doubts, we knew each other 8ish hours and we had no doubts. C-R-A-Z-Y huh? Possible, but the proof is in the puddin' I guess you could say.

Less than 2 weeks we let it out. He had already told Jon. Jon was his cousin that helped in the blind date. My parents loved him from the get go. He asked my dad and my parents just knew too. They had prayed Scott down from heaven for me, this was my gift from their prayers...God's answer for their daughter.

My brothers took longer to accept, but about 2 years or so into it they accepted him too :)

August 1989 we met. February 1990 we married. It all happened smoothly. My in laws were wonderful from the beginning, they helped my parents make it all happen quickly and beautifully.

I had been 21 for 12 days when we married. I have nearly been married half of my life. I only wish we had met sooner, married sooner, began our lives sooner, started fertility treatments sooner.

19 years and we still say "I love you" every night, every morning, after every call...not by habit but because we mean it and neither of us can hear it enough.

19 years and we still crave time together. We love our time alone. We never spend time away from each other if we can help it. We can't sleep apart. We have to touch ... if even just our feet while we sleep. But, mostly we are wrapped up in each other.

19 years and we still hold hands constantly. In the car, at church, walking in Wal-Mart, good times and bad.

19 years and people are still telling us to stop kissing!

19 years and he still makes the butterflies go crazy.

19 years and his voice still makes me smile. His touch alone can speak volumes.

19 years and we still love each other. We are still best friends. We think our love can't grow any stronger then something happens and our love is anew with even more strength.

I love him, I don't deserve him, I can't imagine life without him.

I cherish our time just before we drift off to sleep. We are silly, we talk and laugh. We tickle and hug and he lets me put my ice cold feet on his toasty skin without tooooo much fuss. Every night he brings me a bottle of water and rubs my back. Every morning he puts a towel and wash cloth out for me. He kisses me bye even if I am still asleep - or so he thinks.

I can't imagine better years but I know they are coming. We are beautiful, we are blessed, we are in love forever.

The only thing that can make our lives even more complete will be a child, but I am thankful for God letting me so blessed with Scott...I almost feel selfish sometimes asking for more.

Ok....that wasn't too brief but hey...19 years!!!

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  1. I just seen your date on my divas list and posted to you - then I decided to check here and see what you've been up to....yours is a beautiful story - an inspiring story of love. You really are truly blessed and anyone can tell very much loved as well.You are lucky to have found such amazing love and life in Scott as a husband, but Scott is a VERY lucky man to have you has his wife and best friend.
    Love you much!
    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Lovely post, girl. Happy Anniversary to you and Scott!!


  3. Happy Anniversary you two love birds! I love to hear other stories from couples who adore being married as much as I do and are more in love with each passing year. Have fun celebrating all week long! :)

  4. Such a beautiful story. Mine doesn't begin the same way. (Of course, not many do!) But I know the love you describe. I hope that in 17 more years, I am still saying everything you are saying now. When it's done God's way, there isn't any reason it shouldn't be like this. I don't buy into the lies of Satan that say husbands and wives should grow tired of each other or ever regret getting married. And, I know that my husband and I guard our hearts everyday and strive to love each other out of our love for God. Thanks for being an example of how it can be done. And Happy Anniversary!