Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I had a dream...

I drifted off to sleep soon after posting last night. I was warmed by my sweet skin is so cold any more - maybe some medication or something.

I usually toss all night long, waking up quite a bit but last night the only time I remember waking up was when Scott got up looking for one of our dying phones that was beeping like crazy.

But, last night - I dreamed a dream. It was one of those dreams that when you do wake up you still feel it all, you can still smell things and try extremely hard to not wake up just so I can see what happens next. Guess what, after Scott left for work I fell back to sleep and the dream continued.

I can't go into many details because I want to talk to Scott about it first. We had thought about this in the past, but we just never thought it all out and so it has never been a legitimate option.

I know this was a dream, but it was so real. What if God sent me that dream? When I woke up I wanted to call the person involved and blurt it all out. But, I didn't. I did pray to God, cried and it really feels like this is a path worth taking.

Don't cha love a mystery? It involves a baby of course. As soon as we talk, as soon as we both feel this is a journey we can do...ya'll will be the first to know...well, maybe after a few close friends and family :)

Ok, I have so much to do today that I can't even be sitting here writing...but I had to get that out!

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