Thursday, February 12, 2009

The more I post...the harder the titles come - I am not that creative!!!

Speaking of dreams...last night I had this dream that I was chosen to be on Survivor *I chuckle as I write that*. We were in some tropical place and my tribe was kickin the other tribes butt! We got to come home on the weekends and I loved telling everyone how nice and sweet Jeff was...and how purdy he was in real life. bahahaha. I woke up before I got voted off, but I think it was coming because I was a huge threat ya know.

Anyways, Scott got home last night and said..."read your blog - what is this dream? I think I know but tell me." I asked him what he thought and it was like he had the same dream, he guessed it word for word nearly. I will share more as it unfolds. Pray.

In other friend Rebekah...well, I can't even sum it up so go read...amazing story and it just shows God's love. Amazing!

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