Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I am going bionic!

Today was my appointment with the surgeon that does the spinal stimulator. He went over my chart and asked me a lot of questions. He examined my ROM and pain triggers. He was very talkative, but also listened to me.

He asked me my thoughts after watching the video and such and I told him if this was something that would give me relief that I would let him do it on the roof in the snow!

He then told me that he doesn't just do this on just anyone. He is very selective and that if he had any real reservations he wouldn't even consider it. He said that this procedure is not a money maker for him. But the gratification of seeing someone that has been in pain so long have significant relief is worth it. I really feel like he meant it.

He said he doesn't do it like some other doctors...just lining a group of patients up and bam bam bam. He said he likes to be very hands on and available.

When my insurance ok's it, I will get a call with an appointment to come in and have a temporary one put in. I will have this for about a week. If things improve, if it is significant then they will take that one out and wait a month and put the real one in.

He said there is a certain amount of improvement that he wants before he will put the permanent one in. He said that some people just want this to work so bad that they exaggerate their improvement so he doesn't tell the parameters he uses.

But, I wouldn't want another surgery if it isn't gonna work.

So, just waiting for the insurance to ok it!

Aside from that...we are heading to Myrtle Beach this weekend with the inlaws. I am so excited to see the Huggins - even Burt!! :) The weather there is supposed to be great.

Speaking of weather...our mountains got blasted! I want to go up and see some. Then Leslie from Myrtle Beach called and said it was doing some serious snowing there this morning! Crazy, we got a speck...UGH!

Thanks for all your prayers.

My sister got her results back and they got all the cancer - praise the Lord. Her margins were clear.

Still pray for my families. Pray for healing hearts, and mending of relationships.

I guess that is all for now. Gonna catch a cat nap...the docs appointment was early and I don't do 6 am very well!

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  1. That is fantastic news about your sis! I hope she will soon be on the road to recovery. Also hoping that the insurance stuff goes well for you. I'll be watching for updates about your surgery!