Friday, May 12, 2006

The move....and my back!

Well, I am not sure if I posted that we were moving into our new house....God blessed us so is right across the street from our Best friends from church...

I will post some pictures later. It is 3 bedrooms, 2 baths with a nice kitchen living room and garage. But...things are still in boxes, because I have hurt my back...

During the move, I have hurt my back. I went into work that monday after the move and couldn't handle it. I went straight to the doctor. She said she thought it was muscle spasms along with a strained lower back and muscles. She said she could see the muscles spasming under the skin. I didn't think muscles could hurt so badly, but...I was miserable. She gave me drugs and some instructions and I went home. I was supposed to lay on the floor on my back for 30 minutes at a time several times throughout the day. Well, that just made it hurt worse. I did do the heat and cold and meds, and still tried the laying on the floor. By Wednesday, it was worse. I was supposed to return to work on Thursday...but there was no way. I called her and she said to give it til Monday and if no better, call her. I continued the meds and tried some stretches and such. I had paid for and signed up for a ladies retreat in Charleston. I called to tell them I wasn't going, but they talked me into it. They promised they would make me comfortable and I didn't have to do any of the activities. So, I went. I was miserable. I attempted to walk out to the beach and sit in the sun...but, I got out there for 5 minutes and tearfully walked back to the room and took a pain pill and rested for 4 hours. BUT, I enjoyed the devotions and speakers and such, and it was something I needed to hear. I was feeling so inadequate at church, I just don't do enough. I turn things over to God, but I take them back all the time. The theme was walking with God, and what kind of shoes I am. It was wonderful!! BUT, Monday came and I didn't call the doctor...I went to her office. She sent me straight to an orthopedic doctor and then he set up physical therapy and an MRI. I had the MRI yesterday and will get the results on Monday. He is concerned that I have a disc problem, I have pain going down each leg and numbness in my feet. I had to have an MRI when I was diagnosed with migraines, and I don't remember it being so bad. But laying down on that hard table and squeezing in that tube was miserable. She had to pull me out because I couldn't stand the pain. But I did finish it.

There is a sea of boxes in the garage that I can't unpack until I am better. If I let Scott do it...I would have panties in the kitchen and forks in the closet!Mother's day is here, it is the hardest day of the year for me. I hope next week I will know what is wrong and it will be fixed and I cant get back into the swing of things!

Chris is living with us, and though I was concerned how it would has been great. He is so helpful and he even cooks!!! He has been going to church with us, and I really hope he finds some peace and his way back to God. He is even interested in attending the prophecy classes!!

I have to get out and get some cards to send out for Mother's Day, I hope I am not too late.....but late is better than NEVER! I just mailed out moms Easter card this week...lost it in the car and just found it!

I just hope this pain goes soon, I can't handle much more!!

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