Monday, May 15, 2006


is at an interview right now!! He loves his job, hates the drive and the lack of appreciation verbally and financially he receives. There were promises made when he took the job, that have failed to be realized. Scott is not one to push things, so instead he sits back and waits. He has gotten tired of waiting, mainly because he sees them spending big money elsewhere, and him and his co-workers get like a 2% raise.

He applied for this job months ago. He heard from them, then nothing. THEN, Friday they called and wanted to see him today. Sooo I got him all dressed up, and he is there right now....Really he should be calling me soon saying it is over and what his thoughts are. He looked so handsome...hmm, see if I can post a picture!

aww so handsome! Well, he is on the phone and it went well he thinks. I guess we will see.

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