Thursday, May 18, 2006

Results are in...

The MRI showed 2 bulging discs and some arthritis and that those two discs have lost most of the fluid from inside. Oh yay. BUT, he thinks we can make things better with therapy and minimal medications. So, I started therapy was ok, hurt a lot. She said the first one would, they test my limits and such. I go back in the morning. THEN...I get to go back to work on Monday...I am so ready, I have actually missed my job and my patients.

We went to church last night, there were some missionaries there from was awesome to see what they do there. Before we went to church, we went to eat at Beef O' of our favorite places to eat. We met Burt, Leslie, Colin and Leslie's mom there. UNFORTUNATELY, I had to sit across from Burt without Leslie for a while...and we all know how Burt drives me crazy!! He thinks he is funny, but he isn't. He is lucky I love his wife so much...and his baby or I just wouldn't put up with him

OK....I do like Burt a little.... I mean it does say in the Bible...Love thy neighbor...

Let's Unpack!!



  1. Oh, you are soooooo funny. "It says in the Bible, love thy neighbor . . ." We all know you wanted to move closer to us so that I could harass you more often. You love me!!!!!!!