Thursday, May 25, 2006

You just never know...

I work in an office seperate from the hospital. I have my own space, but there are others that work out front and such. There is a very nice black guy that works here. We talk sometimes, he always has the best smile and always says good morning. He has a lovely wife.

Today, friend from the lab came by to say hi. She and I were talking and Nate walked in. He talked to Dee a minute, saying hi to me as well. I took a call while they were talking...and I heard him say something about my music. I always have some gospel music playing. I heard him tell Dee that when he needs a breath, he comes and stands by my door and just listens. He said he doesn't let me know he is there, but he appreciates the music I play. How awesome is that???

What if I had been listening to country or pop or whatever... I wouldn't have been a blessing to him I am sure. Made my day I tell ya!!

Let's go cook dinner...friends coming over.... I love friends coming over. AND YES that means you BURT!

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