Thursday, November 02, 2006


Today...I had an ah-ha moment. A woman who has such a way with words, read my blog today. I had commented that if I had been more open to adoption, Scott and I would be more than a couple....we would be a family. DB just messaged me and said this...

Don't mislead yourself. You and your DH have always been a family since the moment you said I do. It's not quantity that makes a family. It's quality.

WOW...profound and so true...what was I thinking demoting our relationship from family to rude of me...SORRY SCOTT! I think back to the comment my sweet sweet DH said...I was being my normal emotional self and was telling him I feel useless not being able to make him a daddy...and he said something I will never forget...You made me a husband...that is all I need...

I am so blessed, I have such a wonderful husband...God had to have picked him out just for doubt about it. Most men would think twice about not having a child, when we heard that might be our reality...he was so wonderful and loving. mmm I love him!!

I am so blessed, I have wonderful parents that love me pretty much unconditionally. They are always there when I need them, and as they have gotten older...they have mellowed out a little and handle things so much better. I don't know where I would be without them.

I am so blessed, I have great friends. Leslie and Burt have meant so much to me, they make us laugh, they make us feel somewhat grounded here in Myrtle Beach. I will miss the closeness I have with them and can only pray that I find or refind friends like this in NC. Scott has always just been my best friend and until meeting Burt and Leslie...never really had close close couple friends. This was the hardest thing to let go of here. Speaking of friends...

Jami...she is pregnant with twins, Clark and Addison..Addison was a boy then a mystery and now...a GIRL! YAY. She has had a hard time with her pregnancy, but she is always there for me when I need a friend. She really is awesome!

DeeDee...also pregnant with twins...Thomas and William...and they have stayed boys :) She is one of the funniest people I know. She can make me laugh until I cry ohhh my gosh. She has such a smile about her, it shows through in her voice on the phone and in her typing. I luff her :)

Shannon...trying like me to get pregnant...she is so funny, she should be from the mountains of NC too...she has such strength and inner and outer beauty. She is always there to listen and to help in any way possible. She was probably the first Diva I really talked with... :)

Michelle...getting ready for IVF...she is young and beautiful. She is a teacher, she too is a ha ha way...not lesbian way :p She is one of those shock and awe kind of look at her pics and hear her voice and think, aww such a sweet person...quite and demure...LOL get to know her and she is just as crazy as me or any of the divas. Don't let her dancing monkey fool you! She has a way about her...and she has that smile too...all about her!

Robyn....she is getting ready for IVF too. She is a fitness guru! She is part of the reason I am losing weight. She took time out of her busy life to write to Shannon and I about some tips and ideas on losing weight. She is so giving and wonderful. She lives in CA and rubs elbows with stars all the time...She is one that you know will be there.

Jennifer...pregnant with...a surprise! The baby wouldn't cooperate and show us the goods, so for now...we wait, though I think boy. She is one of the strongest people I have ever met. She is taking care of her sick father and her love and compassion for him and others is so wonderful to see. She is always smiling and looks cute in a santa outfit :) She is always there too, giving advice and support.

Christina...pregnant with a girl...well, we don't know that yet...but I know it :p Where would we all be without her, she and her husband created and maintain Fertilchat. She is so awesome to give of her time to do this for us. She too is such a strong person and is always there to give advice and support to me. She has such an accent :p

Pennie...just delivered the cutest lil girl Madie. She is such a great mommy. Pennie is awesome too, you can always depend on her to be there to help or just to listen. She is fun to be with and gives the best support and advice too. She has such strong faith and she has helped me more than she will ever know!

Carla...struggling like a few of us. She lives in the UK and just got a new job, so not as much of her on the boards...but when she is there...ohh gosh so funny. She says what she thinks man, and doesn't hesitate. You never see her shake, she is so strong and determined. I just wished she didn't live so dang far away!

Last but not least....

Laura...just had Hayden...Madies boyfriend ;) She is so pretty and makes such a great mom. Laura has a way with words too, she always makes me feel better and no matter what she looks for the positive. She is so much fun and has something about her that just makes you wanna hang out with her!

No particular order by the way :p

I could go on and on. But, today I wanted to thank them for being there, for loving me and my faults and for always being supportive. Sometimes they have to kick me in the butt...but I need it. I hope to be half of what they have been to me.

I am so blessed with a good family as well, great brothers that I have missed so much and look forward to getting closer to them again. Great sister in laws, nephews, nieces too. I can't wait to be home to be closer to them again.

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  1. On the very long, winding, bumpy road of infertility it is vital to stop along the way and count your blessings or you will lose sight of the joys in life. Thank you for reminding me to do that. You warm my heart.