Thursday, November 30, 2006

Just when I think the worse...There is Scott!

This was one of my emails to Scott today. I sure know how to throw a pity party huh?


I am so sorry…maybe I didn’t pray enough or maybe I am being punished for something…I mean look at all that has happened to me since June…I have had to piss HIM off or something.

This was his reply to me...when did my husband get so insightful and faithful and .... I am at a loss for words.


Honey remember when you talked to the Pastor? Its not God that is doing this! The Devil has pegged us and is doing his best to beat us down and make us doubt our faith. I will not let him win he can go back to hell and stew over his future. This is all because he lost his hold on us!!! Look at us before, we where so backslidden, we didn’t go to church under the pretense that
No church felt right for us, remember that? Being honest now it wasn’t that the churches didn’t feel right to us, its we didn’t feel right with ourselves!

We didn’t want to commit to his will or his work and we felt out of place in his presence not in the church! After all a church is just another building unless you let God in to your life.

We did that we let him in we started following his will for us you went into the choir, I started helping out with the systems and we both where there when ever the doors where open.
We started to finally mature in our walk. The devil had us where he wanted us before, on the couch doing nothing to forward God’s work, then we went and did all this!??? You want to talk about someone pissed off!

Then we topped that off with trying to help Chris and moving home to be where we should be and starting to look at options like adoption and foster care so that we might spread our love and Gods love to little ones who have nothing at all…..

Yea we pissed someone off alright.

And I for one am glad he is pissed off and I hope we continue to piss him off till he leaves us alone in frustration, lets frustrated him and not let him frustrate us..

We will figure this out I can’t not work of course and I hope that this isn’t the last of this issue with them but even if this is we will figure this out.

Faith and prayer are our tools and the fact that we are using them more and more surely pleases God, and its not like he hasn’t done things for us, money when we needed it, help from out of nowhere, I know he is listening to us, but everything is in his time and according to his plan even the devil grieving us is part of it even though we don’t know why now we will later I am sure.

We must be strong and continue in his will and everything will work out I have faith if yours is feeling weak right now please share your burdens with me and I will share my faith with you and together we will get to where we want and need to be with God’s help.



Scott Lail
Database programmer/System Administrator

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