Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I read and heard this over the last 2 days...

On Monday, CPS announced that almost 60 percent of the underage girls from the Eldorado ranch are pregnant or already have children. Another child was born to a teen mother on Tuesday.

It sickens me, to tears! The fact that they do this and claim it is OK with God, or even directed by God...that fact is crazy enough, but the mothers claiming they had no idea, or knew of no sex with minors is equally crazy. At first, I admit I felt sorry for them - the mothers, but hearing and reading all that has developed with the young girls...they don't deserve the children. Their job is to protect them and they failed.

And if that doesn't anger me enough....of course that huge gynormous word WHY crept in...not just why, but why them and not me!? I felt like I could picture God with his hands held out, I am in one and one of these 13 year old girls in the other...and He is simulating weighing us in each of his palms...Hmmmm give a baby to her....this 13 year old girl who given the chance will raise that child in this abusive, sick cult....or give a baby to Hope who loves Me, who has a great family and wonderful husband...hmm hard choice but....I think I will go with the 13 year old, yeah....that is what I will do. Photobucket

I know this isn't logical, I know that this isn't how He does things.....but give a girl a break when drama queen is in the drivers seat!

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