Sunday, April 13, 2008

A few wedding pictures

This is the lovely bride Jennifer and her son Jakey

This is Scott and Chirsten...she loves her uncle Scooter!

Finally husband and wife sealed with a kiss!

'Our' mother in law Lena and Jennifer
Me and my Chirsten...she has this way about her that melts away any sadness that might be in my day with just one hug and that toothy grin.

Caleb and John, Caleb is my other source of sunshine....he gives the best hugs! John my father in law is pretty great too!
The in-laws...a great example of love and family...and marriage.

a picture I retouched...they are so pretty together!!
me and my babe!
The Lail Males!!!
aww such a pretty minature bride!
And such a handsome ring bearer!

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  1. I love the pictures! It's always fun to see what people post and everyone in your shots looked so happy. It must've been a wonderful day!