Friday, April 11, 2008

Life goes on...

Time sure flies…even when you ain’t havin fun!

Last weekend was my brother in laws wedding, it was beautiful and I wish them so much happiness. But it all – including the shopping for a dress and shoes the week before took so much out of me. I haven’t done much over the last few days. I have been so wiped out.

The air is lighter around us though, the thought that after Thursday he won’t be climbing that mountain to work in Asheville. Such a relief! Before we found out about this job, we decided to keep track of how much we spend on gas. We planned on getting a pre paid gas card so we knew we had all the money we needed for we felt we were spending more on gas than anything else. 9 days and we have put in 294.00 in gas! That is like 30 bux a day – that is CRAZY!

Just so happy that we have a lessened gas bill to look forwards to, along with better insurance, more time together, more enjoyment at his job, more time off…just so many positives in this new job.

Other things going on…Cara is about to have her baby…really soon I think. She is excited. I spent some time with them recently and Illan is growing up and is so smart. He is talking so much and is sooo cute, that chubby belly and those legs are so darling.

Marquita and Brad are happy and the pregnancy is going great. They are due in June and Lisa and I are going to give them a baby shower. Kita looks so cute pregnant. Brad is so doting on her, he loves her so much. Her and Cara both are having girls….Ida and Italy will be the first names.

Misti is due in June too I think. As far as I know things are going good with her pregnancy. They decided not to find out what they are having and make it a surprise. If afforded to opportunity to be pregnant – I think this would be my decision as well. Leslie did it with both of her pregnancies and it was really sweet and it made for a great surprise. I saw some pictures of Lily and she is growing too, she is losing all her baby fat and is getting tall and so pretty.

Mom and dad are doing good, they moved back downstairs – FINALLY! Dad is feeling better but still has his days. Mom still needs her oxygen at times, but I think she will feel a lot better now that she is down stairs. IF I am feeling up to it I am going to try to plan a few family get togethers.

This is all on the family and such.

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