Saturday, July 12, 2008

Green Beans

I am still alive and kicking. Been an odd week - having the period from H - E - double hockey sticks!! Most of ya'll have been there done that so I know I don't have to elaborate. But, today it finally seems to be easing and hopefully by tomorrow it will be a memory.

We are at Scott's moms - all day today...still here. Dinner is coming so we will be here a while longer. My phone just died after talking to Brad...sigh, sometimes you are the windshield and sometimes you're the bug!

We visited a new church last week - it was a great church but still it didn't have that :o factor. I have lost a few more pounds YAY me! I spent a few hours with baby Italy this week - she is amazing. I have yet to see baby Simon, I hope to soon...Misti and I keep playing phone tag. He is going to be walking if I don't get on the ball!! :)

Ohh I went to moms and broke green beans with her...well, for her! We started and she got to doing other things and I ended up breaking almost all of them. Almost two whole boxes! Daddy picked them all though, I would rather break than pick any ole day.

I have so many memories around green beans! When my brother Mark and I were little...I was around 8 or so...we wanted to go play in the creek and mom said not until we picked a bucket of beans. We grumbled but went up in the garden and started picking. Then Mark came up with this great idea - put a layer of leaves in the bottom of the bucket and then fill the top couple of inches with beans. We knew it would take her a few hours to get to our bucket so we would get to swim a good bit. Well about an hour into our swim we hear "MARRRRRRKKKKKKKKKKKK--HOPEEEEEEEEEEE get up here right now!" We dreaded that walk back to the house, and all the way there we kept saying how we wished we had picked the whole bucket. SIGH...needless to say we both got a spanking and each had to pick an entire bucket a piece.

But I do remember the good times, mom and me and Susie or Lisa..or even some of the other kids breaking beans, laughing and gossiping. The Young and Restless was a quiet time though! It was some of my favorite memories of home.

I did take a few pictures...

This was one bowl of unbroken beans...sigh, took about 10 bowls per box!!

My sweet lil mamma breaking her 3 beans haha. I should have taken a picture of the beans she cooked right after I broke enough for a pot...YUMMMY!
Aren't those the sweetest hands you have ever saw. They are so soft and whenever I have a fever she has a healing touch...and they are always cool to the touch when you have a fever. Can you tell I love my ma!

Ok, we are leaving the is 9:15 now...dinner was great!! This little Italian place here in Conover - Italy Grill...they make the best alfredo!! I get it over angel hair pasta with shrimp....I am about to POP!

Will write more and read more tomorrow.


  1. YAY you!!!
    I also have the green bean snapping memories with my meme - sitting on porch with her - we always got a vanilla ice cream cone (you know the square bottomed ones)afterward!

  2. Hope all is going well!

  3. Stopping by to check on you. I'm happy the-period-from-you-know-where is over for you! I have been's awful, bless your heart.

    The pic of your Momma is sweet. :)

    I hope you are doing well.


  4. We have a good green bean "crop" this year!!! But, what's this snapping business? I just pick them, cut the ends off and steam them! Am I doing something wrong? :)