Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday?? where did Monday go???


I am feeling a lot better today. I umm...*blush* think the exacerbation of my back pain was due to umm... severe constipation! I am an every day kinda girl and it was almost 8 yeah, that would make anyone's back hurt.

My mother spent many years in an orphanage. The alumni get together once a year and they are having this 'reunion' this weekend. She is excited to show me where she spent a good part of her childhood, her and her brothers. She wants me to see the friends she had there and a few she still is in contact with.

I also have a play date planned with little miss Lily :) We are going to scrap book the pictures we took at the babybonanza. I have been gathering some stickers and paper and such so she should have fun. I hope to get some finger paints to maybe do a hand print or two for her mommy and grandmommys. I plan on getting Chirsten and Caleb too, they are more crafty than me sometimes...and I am not kidding. Chirsten can knit and she has been for about a year or so. She isn't super fast but she can cast on and do a scarf - knitting all of the stitches. She has tiny hands - she is only 6.

I need to call Brad because starting Monday I am supposed to be babysitting Italy YAY! I haven't seen her all week and am having withdrawels...haha.

I am really jonesing for some Huggins time too...can't help but get all teary eyed just thinking about how much I miss could I not!? Look at them...

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  1. you lucky girl! that lily is adorable! and now you get a new babysitting job! yeah! is it an everyday thing or just sporadic? i'm so glad you're getting to spend time with all these cuties and sounds like you have a lot of fun planned out!
    LOVE your new page!