Thursday, July 24, 2008

One day closer

I have recovered from the baby extravaganza! Then wicked aunt flow visited again! I don't know what that is all is almost gone today so that is nice.

I got some info from 2 of the agencies we are looking at. I called social services to talk to a social worker about a home study and what all I needed to do, the cost and such. We are excited to think that every day is one day closer.

We do need to do some things to this house before the home study. Also I told her a little about my health issues and she said information from my doctor may be required.

I hate putting it off for any amount of time, but it looks like September...the first week before we can really have everything in order. Really that isn't that far down the road, now that I think about that...eeek I hope we can be done by then!! :o

I keep hearing that song "freak out" in my head...haha

Today I spent it with my parents...I love them! Cara brought Ida Hope by and I got to feed and hold her. She is so pretty, I feel so much love for her and Illan too. Cara has turned out to be a good little mommy.

Well, I am zonked and am going to bed a little early. Speaking of ya think it is freakishly early for us to be considering furniture for a nursery??? SIGH


  1. NO! You do all the considering you want! :) My nursery is almost done and we aren't even on the waiting list, yet! Hubby thought it was pre-mature, but I told him my excitement couldn't be contained anymore. Like you said, every little step makes me feel that much closer to baby. I cried when I set the crib up...It feels so real now. Go research your little heart out!!! By the way, I got my changing station AND crib at Walmart for $425.00. Babies R Us sells the same furniture for WAY more!

  2. Your post made me think of the song by Carolyn Dawn Johnson (country singer) I think it's called "one step closer to you." Do you know it? (lyrics below).

    I say enjoy planning the nursery! It's fun to think about :)

    (lyrics as I recall them,not official!)
    So I'm not going to worry,
    I'm in no hurry,
    It's in the hands of God
    There's nothing I can do
    And maybe tomorrow
    Or the day that follows
    Got the rest of my life
    To look forward to
    Cause every day -
    Brings me one day closer to you ...

  3. Hi! I am a new blogger and came across your blog by clicking on "prayer". The joy of the Lord is our strength. That is my prayer for you...stay joyful and healthy. You will need LOTS of energy for that baby when he or she arrives! God bless!

  4. I am a huge believer in visualization and energy. If it makes you happy to think about and picture your child's nursery, go ahead and do it! I think it's wonderful that you are feeling so positive and upbeat about where you are headed!