Sunday, July 27, 2008

They took me to prison!

Ok, I am out now...and I wasn't 'in' jail really - just visiting.

I know I have told ya'll that my dad and mom have a service there monthly and my dad goes weekly for a Bible study. Well, my dad has been bugging me constantly to go sing and today I did.

I sung But the blood says you can...and of course Child of God.

You may have wandered
From the path you were on
Found yourself lonely and lost
A long way from home
The guilt deep inside says
That you've gone too far this time
That you can't be forgiven
And there's no need to try - but

The blood says you can
Put the past on behind
Your sin will be covered
And your pardon signed
Satan tells you it's hopeless
And that you can't go back home again
But the Father is waiting with arms open wide
The blood says you can

We've all made our choices
That became our mistakes
And stood in the ashes, the bridges we've burned
The pain and heartaches
But the blood of Jesus
Does what nothing else can do
There's a place called forgiveness
And there's room there for you - 'cause

(repeat chorus)

When you're reminded of mistakes that you've made
Just remember the price has been paid - and

It was strange, I only practiced Child of God 'cause that is what daddy wanted me to sing. But I actually dreamed about this song last night. I woke up to find the CD and it wasn't in my box. I went to feed the fish and there it was laying on the couch!

There were tears and raised hands. I have never been a part of a prison ministry but it really touched my heart. There were probably 30 there. It is the part of the prison that is minimum security, so people are just walking around. As they came in they hugged my dad and mom and told them how much they are a blessing to was so awesome to see how they respond to my sweet parents.

I almost cried through the whole service...mostly because something has happened in my back and I can't sit or stand without intense pain...grr. I am calling the doctor tomorrow. This just started Thursday morning.

I also cried because dad gave his testimony of when he was always makes me cry.

I know the men there have done something to get them there. But I can't think of a better time to give them the plan of Salvation - they are alone, they have minimal contact with family and some none at all. My parents give them Bibles...not little New Testemants or a tiny Bible...they give them a full size big lettered Bible! I know they have given out at least a hundred...and they live on social security! I don't know how they do it...wait, YES I do...God!

I really am miserable so I am going to go lay down. My mind keeps screaming at me that this isn't good...who would give you a baby!?! HE HAS A PLAN HOPE...*SMACK*...yes, He has a plan.


  1. So sorry about your back!! Hope you get in to the dr. soon and get better quickly!
    Don't listen to the negative things the enemy will put in your mind!!

  2. oh, sorry about your back..yuck.. i know hoe back problems can be...I will be praying for you/
    COntinue to FIGHT satan with the TRUTH of GOD's word
    HOLD TIGHT To GOd's promise that if you, Be subject therefore unto God; but resist the devil, and he will flee from you. God is FAITHFUL TO DO JUST AS HE SAY!
    have a great day my friend

  3. Hoping that the doctor is able to give you some relief for your back.

  4. Shannon11:34 PM

    I Love you Hopie!

  5. Hope your back pain goes pretty soon.

  6. Bless you and your parents for the work you're doing. And I hope your back is better soon ...