Friday, June 27, 2008

"It just isn't fair" from a 5 year old

Ok, let me tell ya'll, I am in love with me some Caleb! That is Chris' son and we have been here all week almost and he has gotten so attached to me. Never does he miss a chance to go to walmart or John's work...or any where that includes a road trip - no matter how small.

Well, he hasn't left my side pretty much all week other than to go home at night. Soon as he gets here in the mornings he is all over me....super cute, I wanna just take him home. Chirsten used to be like that, but she is a little older and likes being on the disney site and can't change the channel from animal planet or a cooking show.

Him and I were here alone the other day and I was showing him pictures of Italy. *get your kleenex available*

He said "Hopie...when are you gonna marry uncle Scooter?"

I giggled and said "I married him a long time ago! "

confused he said "How long ago?"

"Almost 19 years!"

his eyes opened wide..."WOW, that is a long time - if ya'll are married why don't you go ahead and have babies??"

my heart kinda skipped "Well, we haven't been able to."

"Well, there are other people not married as long as you and they have babies - just go ahead and do it!"

"Caleb, the doctors have tried to help us have a baby and so far God hasn't given us one, but we are looking at other ways."

his eyes all scrunched up "Well, that just isn't fair that you don't have a baby - mommy has two babies and you have none - that just isn't fair!"

trying my best not to cry "Well, we are about to try even harder to have a baby."

"I am glad, I hope you have a lot soon. You and Scooter are a great uncle and aunt - ya'll will make a great mommy and daddy!" Caleb said it so matter of factly

"Do you really think so?"

"Yep I sure do, ya'll play games and Scooter is fun. I think you should have a boy too...I will like a girl but ya'll need a boy" Then he went back to flying his x-box plane like we just had the most normal conversation!

I tried my hardest to hide my tears so not to think he hurt my feelings or anything...later when I told Scott I couldn't hold them back at all. Scott looked at me and said he was having a problem with his eyes...they were leaking...haha. That conversation was with a 5 year old...sigh

Having that conversation with him just reaffirmed our decision to adopt.



  1. Out of the mouths of babes, eh? It's amazing when children are so honest and open isn't it? I agree with Caleb-it's definitely time for you to have your babies, too!

  2. Love that sweet, pure, innocence. And he's right, gosh darnnit, it isn't fair!!!!

    I understand and have those same tears.


  3. wow.. I love having conversations with the little with such pure faith.. praying for you.. I just started a blog on my infertility journey.. would love to have some encouragement from you.. email me at if you are interested in reading

    Grace to you,

  4. definitely affirms you'll both be great parents. & he looks like a sweet boy even in the pic

  5. Awww...this is such a sweet story!

    I can't believe how much has happened while I've been away. I'm trying to catch up on what everyone is up to and I wanted to stop by and check on you and Scott as well.

    I'm praying for you guys and I'm excited for what God has in store for you two!


  6. Hope, that was just precious of him!!! I'm so thrilled by your decision and I'm going to add you to my journey roll to keep watch! Let me know if you need anything since I've traveled the road twice!

  7. Look at your blog! OMGosh! So cute and the header.. is great! Did you do that?!
    It's new, right.....? or I'm just not very observant?!! HA!!!