Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Italy's first photo shoot :)

I wish I could do this professionally - but then I would wanna take the babies home and not many parents would like that *sigh*

My favorite is the one with their hands on her back...and the one with Brad holding her...he is such a good daddy. And sorry there are so many - there could be 228 - which is how many I took. I culled them down to 68 for them and 20ish for here...tough was tough!!

aww loved this pic with her mommy holding her head :)
Her daddy loves her so much
They make such a pretty family...and a pretty baby :)
little angel
if I could tell you how many times I have kissed these toes!
teeny tiny butt


isn't that precious!

look at that chubby belly
sweet little smile - and no she didn't poot
sweeeeeeeeeeet head of hair

daddy holding her tiny feet
I couldn't help but show her jazz hands...haha
happy lil family
so funny sitting her up...she didn't care for it too much

look at that chubby face
whew...I just love her
tiny feet get me
she was getting hungry and I caught this shot of her trying to suck daddy's thumb!
tiny little ear


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