Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's a boy!...


My niece Misti gave birth finally *smiles* to a bouncing baby boy. It was kinda funny, I talked to her the night before and we laughed how she might wait until the 4th of July and by early the next morning she was in full blown labor. His name is Simon Oliver and there are a couple pictures on Lily's blog. I hope to get to play with him soon. I bet Lily is loving having a new baby around.

The picture is of Italy though... I went there today to spend the afternoon and take some pictures. I got home and this was the first one I got to 'play' with and it turned out so cute. She wasn't as cooperative as I hoped, she did not like being naked at all!! We had to put her diaper back on and feed her, make her sleepy, get her to sleep and then sneak it off after we got her on the fur haha. The fur was the jacket her mommy wore at their wedding. After we almost were done...Italy shared her yellow bladder juice with the jacket and we all had a laugh. Two seconds earlier and she would have peed on mommy haha.

I will post more later and will post some other news then too...am on the upswing of Emotionville...and I attempted to cancel future reservations - we will see how that goes.



  1. Via NaComLEavMo....
    Very cute! And I love the back story!

  2. Italy is precious!

    Congrats to Misti also.

  3. BEAUTIFUL! Love the name!

  4. upswing in emotionville is a good place to live in. Baby's too cute

  5. Love, love, love the picture. Too sweet! And congrats on the newest member of your family!