Thursday, June 05, 2008

I am aliveeee (said in my best frankenstien scene voice)

Wow I know it has been a few days since I posted. Sorry ... multiple reasons so here goes:

-I started a new med last week and it is kickin my butt! Saturday I joked with Scott that I didn't know if I could sing Sunday because I was woozy and nauseated. He said that was just the devil tryin to keep me from it. I woke up at about 3:30 on Sunday morning and I won't go into details - let's just say it wasn't my finest hour. I did get up and go to church and we did sing and it went great. Scott got it on video and if I can figure out how to get it on here I will. BUT, I barely made it through the service. I sweat like a long tailed cat in a room full of rockers! I was really worried about that, but today before I called the doc to tell him I thought I was having a heart attack I looked up this new med and lo and behold all the symptoms are listed there as common for the first 2 weeks...whew I can take 911 off of speed dial and chill out.

-Monday I was in bed pretty much all day dealing with those symptoms and along with that a migraine. If any of you have those you know how light and sound really bug you so needless to say it looked like an all day eclipse in my room.

-Tuesday I spent a lot of the day trying to catch up on blogs and crocheting a blanket for Brad. I am almost done.

-Yesterday I went and spent the day with my parents. It was awesome. Dad and I kinda crashed watching TV while mom read and chatted with her friends on the phone. After lunch mom started cooking and boy did it smell good. She bbq'ed some ribs and fried some potato's and cooked some cabbage from out in their garden...YUM delish. fingers are almost bleeding from the crocheting - ok not really that would ruin this blankie. I wrote a message to someone special and had a few crazy moments with these kittens...they are nuts!

Soooo that is my story and I am stickin too it!

Here are a few pictures from the founders day on Sunday for my dads home town. He preached a sermon Sunday night and there was a great bluegrass gospel group there. Much to my surprise there stood this handsome tall young man sporting his braces as we pulled up. Parker Dilyn was there with Little John...and boy has he grown up! It is hard to believe he has changed that much in such a short time but he has. He is a hugger too - I love that.

Little John was there with Tamara and Johnny was running sound and looked so cute in his overalls!

So here are pics.

This is my poppy, he did such a great job and looked so handsome in his overalls!
This is dad with Little John...I know not so little, he is so handsome too. His dad is big John.
This is Parker - Little John's son, dad and Little John.
I just love him!
This is dad with a family friend Steve.
This was part of the group that sung. The young man in the middle is 14 years old. He plays the banjo as well. There is this music festival called Merle Fest that musicians from all over come and compete and play. This boy won the banjo competition - 14 years old against those who have played the banjo as long as he has been alive and longer. He has so much talent - his whole family does.
This was Daddy preaching...he gave an example of we are like a penny, the lowest form of money. He took the penny and put it in his hand and closed his fingers tight around it. Then he took his handkerchief and put it over that. He said that penny represents us, his hand is God and the hankie is the Holy Spirit. For the devil to get to us he has to go through the Holy Spirit and then pry open God's hand. It sounded much better when he said it :)
This is my dad's friend Jimmy Jacumin he is a NC senator. Johnny my brother is in the middle. It was a good evening even though I could have filled a pond with my sweat - dang pills!


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