Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Baby pics

She didn't like all the fuss around her at all - until Daddy got in there to hold her hand.

She is already a daddy's girl I think!

Paw Paw Todd, Maw Maw Lisa and Uncle Leon gazing at the new princess in their lives!

She is so alert and aware of things going on around her. Up until they put that goop in her eyes her eyes were wide open. Oooo so pretty!

Marquita's mom, Lisa and Auntie Hope

Finally getting a nap after all the passing around!

First bottle, he is gonna be such a great daddy.

Mommy and baby - awwwww I asked her how she was feeling, and her c-section isn't bothering her at all. I asked her how she was feeling about being a mommy and she said "I feel like I am dreaming, I am overwhelmed but in a good way." I love her!

look how long! seems longer too me than her actual length. aww a shot on her thigh :(

I am so in love with this baby already. She stole my heart when she was only a few minutes old. I have a feeling her and I will be best buds! I gotta get better, I have a lot of spoiling to do :)


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  1. She is so adorable. You look really happy in that picture. :0)