Friday, May 30, 2008

Beauty doesn't fade - just changes

Yesterday I spent most of the day with my mom and dad. Dad had to go teach a Bible study at the prison for a bit so most of the time was with mom. Her and I talked and laughed and yeah...even cried. I watched her at one point and I remembered when I was young how I thought she was so pretty and thought she would never grow old. Her skin was always so soft and, her hair a chestnut brown and soft as rabbit fur. (her beauty secret: getting out of the shower she kept a bottle of olive oil near the tub and she would rub a couple drops of oil on her face and through her hair) My mom always stayed busy and if she wasn't talking she was singing.

But as she lay there on the bed reading the paper, her skin still soft, but wrinkled a bit. Her hair nearly white. But her eyes still sparkling, her voice still strong. I never dreamed my mom would get old. Even still she is beautiful from the inside out! I am so blessed to have the parents I have.

Then my heart skipped thinking how I may never get to share her with my child. My child may never feel her cool hands on their fevered forehead. My child may never be sung to sleep by her sweet loving voice. So much I want for my child to know about her. Then of course my mind wandered to my dad. I am a daddy's girl for sure and I don't want my child to miss going fishing with him, or hearing him preach or help him plant the garden or rob the honey.

I am going to take more pictures.
I am going to write things down about my parents.
I am going to take some videos.

No matter what my child will know them and feel their love.

Mom and I practiced the song and her voice was a little shakey, she takes more breaths but her voice is still beautiful. Dad got home and we decided he should sing with us. So, he is! I really can't wait.

Pray for my sister in law Susie. Her father is gravely ill and from what my mom said it could be any time. His name is Walter.

Have a great weekend, I hope I can keep up with my posts...we are having Founders Day in our town and I know it will be busy!



  1. your beautiful post made me teary.

    "No matter what my child will know them and feel their love."

    I struggle with this every single day. my child will grow up having never met my mother or father. please do take more pictures and write down stories and family history. I wish I had done that.

  2. Even though my father is gone, I know that he is still here, and any baby that comes will know him.

  3. What a beautiful post! I don't have parents or memories like you describe, but if I did I would certainly be inspired to do the same!

  4. What a beautiful and heartfelt post. I was so close to my Grandmom and am sad that my kids never got to meet her and neither did my hubby. I talk about her all the time and in a way I think they do know her. And she is a huge part of who I am, so by knowing and loving me, they know and love her too! Here from NCLM

  5. So important to keep those memories alive!

  6. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Here from NCLM. Your post almost brought tears to my eyes. Yet another way that IF touches all of our family, not just the couple.

    I hope & pray that your child(ren) do have lots of time to spend with your parents.

    (and thanks for the beauty tip!)

  7. your post made me cry. It makes me sad too when I think that my children may never know my parents, or that I may never give them any grand children.
    It's hard.

  8. You're making me think about my fabulous, wonderful mom. Think I'll give her a call --

    And thanks for stopping by my blog!

  9. I will pray for Walter. I hope you're doing well. Please check in when you get a moment.

  10. puggie9:40 AM

    You don't know me, but you do know my cousin. She goes to church with you. That's the way I came to read your blog. I was reading her blog on day and I saw a blog that said,"Hope's Blog". Well, I thought it might be my sister, in a way because her name is Hope. Although I figured it wasn't. But when I started reading your blog, I couldn't stop. I was moved so. You seem to have the sweetest Mother and Father. I have also been praying that you will be able to have a child someday. I myself, know how it feels to want children and can't have them. My situation was a little different then yours though. I had a miscarriage with my first child and my second child is a blessing. He is also spoiled rotten. He is nineteen now, but after I had him my husband never would let me get pregnant again. He did not want any more children. It really hurt me. I would ask him if we could have another baby and he would say NO! It helped to drive us apart, but me and my son were best friends. My husband and I divorced after twelve years of marriage. It broke my heart. But something good did come out of it. We are closer than ever now. I think he knows now that he was wrong, but it's to late. I can't have children. I had to have a hysterectomy.