Saturday, May 24, 2008

I want one...

Scott is seriously thinking about getting a scooter - haha, his family has always called him scooter. The mileage is amazing and they aren't toooooo expensive. The trip to work is about 15 miles so it would be feasible. Some of the scooters now go up to around 80 mph! I hope he never drives that fast though.

Anyways...I was looking around and lo and behold there is one calle Hope Scooter can get a Scooter and Hope can get a Hope


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  1. I would love a scooter. I live about 16 miles from work, and with the price of gas it's getting ridiculous. My husband and I have debated getting our motorcycle licenses so that we can get bikes, save a little on gas.

    I think you guys should definitely go ahead with your scooters:-)