Thursday, May 22, 2008

Picture story part 2

This was a quick pic of my poppy. He was laughing with Scott. Look at that honkin' nose! He can smell dinner a mile away haha. I am such a daddy's girl. I have become more of a mammas girl too lately. I am so blessed to have such great parents. He and my mom have a beautiful garden or 3 :). They give away more than they keep, but that is their joy.

We ate dinner there, I know I talk about it here are some pictures to make your mouth water a little....well, if you like hillbilly cookin! This was a huge pile of cornbread she made...yummmmy!
Well, you can't have cornbread without pintos! Put the pintos and juice over the cornbread. Spoon a little chow chow on it too...chow chow you ask?? I guess it is sorta like relish maybe. It is chopped cabbage with some peppers and onions in with it - then pickled. SIGH...ask me and I will send you a jar! Mom cans enough of it to feel everyone that reads my blog haha.

Well, these are her famous chicken and dumplin's. The dumplin's are so perfect, nice and gooey on the outside but almost biscuit like in the centers. This is one thing that everyone asks for...all the time.
Ok...this was my plate....before I put the chow chow on it....I didn't eat much cornbread but it is under the beans. Of course she made slaw and fried taters too...of course :)

After dinner I went out to see the garden. Mom got a beautiful hydrangea for Mother's day and I had to have a picture of it.
This is their fig tree. Last year we had a late frost and they didn't have any figs. The tree is several - maybe 10 years old. It was a gift from Susie. By the way....I hate figs...*shiver*
Daddy has bees...more than I thought. Last I remember there was only 1 thingy up there. Well, now he has 6! He got tons of honey last year, some as clear as water almost. Everybody asks for it, not all get it :). This year though I think he will have tons. He said they are ready to rob but every day there is a rain cloud and you can't do anything with them when there is any moisture around or it will turn to sugar. I will have to get a picture of him in his bee is a riot! A few weeks ago he walked up to see the ducks or chickens one, and a honey bee hit him full speed above the eye...stung him and he looked like someone socked him one. This one has a lot of honey in it he said...I don't like bees so I stayed back pretty far!
Look at those bees...EEEEK!

This is some lettuce....can't remember the name, but it is lettuce :)
This big ole stalk for zucchinis came from a seed that was pushed in the dirt...God just amazes me!
Daddy planted these roses a few years was red the other light pink...well, now they are are hot pink - go figure!

This is their pretty lil garden. They have another small one and one bigger. Todd takes care of the big one for them. Couldn't resist the pretty lil lady bug....aww so sweet.
Row of cabbage...getting huge. Getting ready for some chow chow and slaw :)
look how pretty!
This is one of his hanging tomato plants blooming...hard to believe a mater will come outta that!

Cara and Randall and Illan was there, look at Cara round as a pumpkin. Pregnancy becomes her. We are all ready for that lil girl.
Ok I know this looks odd, but Dad took some buckets and put some holes in the bottom and hung the tomato plant out of the bottom. Yeah...crazy, but he won't have to stake them or anything. A big storm came through and knocked one down...that is the deadish one.
Lil baby cherry tomato blooms. Hairy lil limbs huh?
Illan was running around, playing piano and he likes the big wheels on the tractor.
Look at that grin...sooo toothy!
The cherry tomato's hanging down from it's pot...they are hairy too...hmmm.
Soo, that is it for picture time. I challenge all of you to post some pics of your everyday life. Just walking around my families homes I saw God in so many places. He blesses us with so much beauty, it is a shame that most of the time we pass it by without saying thank You. So...Thank you Lord for hairy tomato's haha. Seriously, thank You God for blessing us with so much, and yet You still let us ask for more.

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