Monday, May 12, 2008


I had my MRI moved up, so tomorrow I get to take a ride in the metal tube...ugh. I hate these by the way, and even though this one is my 9th, they don't get any easier.

I am excited to get it over with though and hopefully hear something from the Neuro that he can do to fix me.

Everyday my happiness and contentment grows. I think something great is on the horizon. My eyes are opening to people I can trust and depend on, to things that are appropriate in my life, to the necessity of growing in my Christian has all really started clearing up. Nothing is an accident, God has planned and knows every detail of my life. From the mundane 'what I ate for breakfast' to 'last e-mail I sent' to this MRI tomorrow. So as long as I can accept it, and remind myself of it...I am so ok!


  1. Praying that everything works out well with the MRI tomorrow.

  2. Fingers crossed and praying for good news post-MRI

  3. I'll be praying for you, tomorrow. Keep us updated, k? *HUGS*

  4. Hey girl, just checking in on you...hope everything went well. Just thinking about ya!