Thursday, May 22, 2008

Picture post :)

First let's take a walk through my mother and father in laws gardens. They have 2 ponds, this one is the newest. It is a lot bigger. The stone plank is placed there so Chirsten and Caleb can sit on it and watch the fish...and dangle their tootsies in the water. The plants are growing in the water pretty quick even though they are hard to see. The kids love watching the fish almost as much as their grandparents! :)
Excuse me for not knowing what these flowers are, Lena knows them all. They spend days and days getting it cleaned up from winter and it is amazing how it transforms.
I thought this yellow flower was so pretty...was the only yellow in a sea of pinks and purples.
This plant is at the top of their other pond, I can't remember what she said it was just a bit different and interesting.
One of my favorite flowers...the peonies. Some pronounce it pee-on-knees and some say pee-ah-neese. Either way they are so fragrant, and soo pretty. You can barely see the touch of pink in the leaves. I wish you could smell them.
These little flowers are sooo pretty. They come back every year and get bigger. They are very unusual to me.

My father in law loves the flowers as much as my mother in law. These are his bleeding hearts that are soo pretty. The wind was blowing so hard it was difficult to get a good picture.
Lovin me some purple flowers....look at the veins.

These are some lilies that are so pretty too. I see them and think of Lily my niece. Miss Lily is prettier than any of these though :o)
I will do the next post with pictures from my dad and mom's gardens and dinner last night :)

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