Saturday, May 03, 2008

Dang movies

Yeah...I admit it...I love kid movies, and with today's animation capabilities...ya can't really call them cartoons.

So I thought I would watch Meet the Rob.insons! I really had no clue what it was about, just hit play on 'On Demand' and there it started with a little baby boy being left on the doorsteps of an orphanage. Fast forward 13 years and his 123rd interview with prospective parents happens. He rejected, he is brainy and has an imagination and likes to invent things.

I won't spoil the whole movie for those of you kid movie watchers (and I know you are out there).

The whole time the little boy was talking and going to the science fair and such...all I could think of was this could be Scott's child..he is such a geek and loves all things science and computers and such.

Ya know it is crazy when a 'cartoon' can make someone cry. But just today Scott and I were talking about really wanting to do foster care and hoping to have at least one by Christmas. We really want to share our family with a child who might not have one to spend Christmas with. He found out Friday that he has 2 weeks off for Christmas and we quickly discussed going to the beach to celebrate New Years/Christmas with Burt and Leslie...Colin and Jack Henry. My mind then wandered to a child we might be foster parents to, and how much he or she would love our friends and the beach at Christmas.

Maybe this is the plan, maybe this is how we are supposed to make our family grow. We were laying in bed this evening and talked about if we had started with infertility treatments much earlier in our marriage....maybe we would have a child by now. But, maybe this is how God planned it. I can't say I wouldn't have planned it a bit differently, but then I think...if we had children say 10 years ago, we never would have moved to Myrtle Beach. We never would have met the Huggins, we may have never found a great church to nurture our faith and spirituality like we did. So many things would be so different if we had had children a long time ago. I know there maybe would have been so many good things, but maybe not. All I do know is finding my friends, renewed relationship with God, my friends through infertility, a relationship with Scott that maybe without such adversity...maybe it wouldn't be as strong as it is and *gulp* as much as I want a child...I can't really say that I would have wanted to give any of those things up!

Whew, not sure where all that came from. I have to be more thankful for what I have and for what God is going to bless with me with in the future.

Anyways, I am wore out...working on 3 baby Afghans at one time and one housewarming one as well as a birthday gift for a dear friend coming fingers are TIRED! Crocheting is very therapeutic! 2 of the baby afghans are for girls, one is for a mystery baby...but all three are turning out pretty. I have to hurry the babies are comin soon!

One is my fav, and I am going to make myself one some day...funny how I don't think I have made one thing for me since starting crocheting and knitting.

Mom is making Sunday dinner a weekly event again. She is feeling so much better and she loves to feed her family. I spent time there Saturday and Sunday last week and she called on Monday to tell me how much she loved having her baby girl home with her. Little does she know it sure felt good to snuggle up in her bed, amazing how healing 'home' is. Daddy came and got on his side of the bed - I kept waiting for mom to come get on her side and squish me in the middle like when I was a kid. (Mom and dads bed is in the living room for now...they had a water pipe issue in the ceiling over the bedroom and it is still being fixed.

My brothers...all seem to be doing so good too. I saw Johnny tonight at a gig he was doing up town in Valdese. He looks better than I have seen him in a long while. His blood pressure is finally down and he was just smiling...he is a very handsome man and I always love to see him smile. Tommy stopped by the other day and he too looks better than he has in a LONG time, his hair is all grey now but he has gained a little weight and his color is much better. They finally are getting his pain under control I think. Todd has such a head full of hair, I haven't got to see him in a while but the last time I did...he was rolling his own cigarette...he is a hillbilly. But, buying it that way instead of about 100 bux a month he is spending 20. He is building a barn/building and it has got his blood pumping - which is why I think he is looking so good. Mark....I wish I could see him. I see him a lot, while I was eating dinner at Little Italy in Valdese...this guy walks by the window. I kept waiting to see him pass the next one but he never did...looked so much like him. I miss him so much, but wouldn't wish him back into this world for anything...he has no more pain, no more sadness.

On that is so late and I am going to sleep. My snuggle bunny is finally coming to bed. He has been up working on his computer that he dropped in the floor. It is working now but umm the 500 gig (makes me giggle to say gig) external hard drive that hit the floor is toast - he is not a happy camper!

Looking forward to the weekend, tomorrow with his family and Sunday with mine. Still sporting this peaceful spirit about everything...I just know He has a plan and that gets me through to the next day.



  1. I'm so glad that things seem to be turning around for you and that you and Scott are looking to grow your family in whatever method that takes.

  2. This post made my heart smile. I have a really good friend that was unable to have children. She began to bring foster children into her home and ended up adopting 6 of them. Then out of the blue she came up pregnant, so they now have 7 children! Her and her husband have such a heart for children in foster care which I truly believe God gave them. I wish you luck in whatever you and your husband decide to do. I'll be praying for you's all quite exciting to think about!

  3. It's nice that even in the midst of your storm, you're still thinking of avenues to spread God's love. I crochet as well. Haven't do it in a loooooooooog time, but I used to make personalized doilies for my engaged friends