Thursday, January 10, 2008


I should probably realllly reallly think before I post sometimes. I don't think sometimes that people really read this, and sooooo...

I was sitting in my party hat and my phone rings...Scott, I talk to him and then BEEEEEEP...hmm it is Leslie. I click over and there is my faithful friend...Hey..are you sick? Nooo I got a little cold and it is rainy and such...she pegged me right off the bat the stinker!

We got separated by husbands calling and she calls me back and we talk, laugh and though all day I passsed on some calls from family and such...I really thought I didn't want to talk to anyone, I can't pass on her. She is always the one to call, I suck as a friend and promise to make that better.

She always makes it ...whatever it is - better! Soo, pity party is over...sorry you didn't get any cake - haha. mmm I really would love some cake.

I love you Leslie!

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