Saturday, January 05, 2008

Little bit of everything...

I was talking to my friend Leslie last night, every time I talk to her it makes me miss her more. I loved hearing Colin in the background chattering away. His vocabulary amazes me! He isn't even 2 yet and wow. She is expecting number 2 in February and I really can't wait. She asked me to come a few months back and hell nor high water will keep me from that. I wanted to go anyways, but when she asked...made it that much sweeter. I can't believe it is already sooo close! Her and Burt are such good Christian parents, Scott and my role models if no WHEN we have a child! She told how even though she is a high risk pregnancy everything is great, prayers answered. It is such an exciting time, I wish I was right across the street again, one set of parents could have stayed with me...just things would be so different...wonderful. They are my single most regret of moving home, and some days it makes me look at job openings in Myrtle Beach for Scott...haha. I so wish.

AF isn't here dang it...and a 'few' BFN's to confirm the obvious. I have an appointment with a new gyno soon and hopefully things can improve and maybe go forward with medicated cycles. I just can't give up yet, so I guess...forward ho is our direction at the moment. It just sucks that my chart looked so flipping good, the temps were perfect and nada. Oh well, always next cycle huh? IF IT EVER COMES!

My resolutions so far have been mostly kept...not enough back sliding to say I broke them.

Daisy had a first, she slept with us last night....we have been having behaviour issues with her, aggressive with the cat...MAJOR and we were contemplating what to do. We bathed her and dried her and then did some training things and she just acted like a normal dog! She slept with us all night...not peeing anywhere and not being the DAZEy dog we have grown to know and love. This morning she went out to potty and came back in and has been sweet and other than driving the cat insane, things are better. Maybe we just had to show her who is boss!

Scott calls her Dazed and confused...haha

Life is a bit lighter, I am trying to accept things how they are now and make plans to change things sooner than later. My anger with God subsided, I was fussed at by a few...but I really feel like I can talk to Him and tell Him my frustrations and my sadness over unanswered prayers - or ones answered with a NO. Through all of this I feel like my faith is stronger, my relationship is better with Him...who could ask for more!

I got to spend time with Misti and Lily yesterday, gave her her birthday present....a piggy bank. She seemed to like it, she is so funny. We wrote on the chalk board and she can sign so many letters and words...probably more than she can speak. I would have to defer to Misti on some. It was good to see Misti and talk and just not feel the tension that has been there for a while. I love them!

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