Tuesday, January 08, 2008

His burden is light...His yoke is easy!

I know your way has been troubled
Life’s ebb and flow has been so rough
Rest is yours when you come unto me
Rest in me, you’ve had enough

My Burdens light, my yoke is easy
Your soul’ll find rest in me alone
Feel my arms wrap tight around you
Your battle’s ore, your sins atoned.

I am your rock, I’m your salvation
I love you child, you’re mine always
I’ll never leave you or forsake you
Just trust in me, trust and obey.

Lord, life’s been dark - no light around me
I felt alone and in despair
But, I felt your love gently wake me
When you answered my sinners prayer.

Your burdens light, Your yoke is easy
My soul found rest in you alone
I feel your arms wrapped tight around me
My battles ore, my sin is gone.

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